Saturday, 9 February 2013

Our Time in Bali - Day Four (8/2/13)

Hey There!

Today was a "Free and Easy" day. We decided continue our exploration of Bali at 1:00PM. So, at 1:00PM, we hopped into a car and set off to our first and most important destination: Some place to eat LUNCH.

1:30PM - Lunch

Lunch was pretty simple, I had a plate of Mee Goreng. But my grandma decided to order economical rice and chicken, and boy, did it look delicious. Here are the pics:

Yummy :)
Delicious ^.^

2:30PM - Ulu Watu

Ulu Watu is a temple by the cliffs. The view was really beautiful. The cliffs, the sea, and the clear blue sky! Ah..., the perfect combo. :)

I'm lovin' this! <3

The sea goes on... forever :)

The only problem during that exploration was… (dum dum dum dum...) the dreaded MONKEYS… Noel had such an adventure, Noel, it's all yours:


This is Noel. Let me tell you my scary experience with the monkeys...

It was a bright and sunny day, I was walking into the temple with my family. We were warned to look out for the monkeys, but I thought that monkeys wouldn't attack a random-looking dude like me, so I didn't care.

I slowed down to inspect some monkeys who were sitting around munching fruits when all of a sudden, I felt blind; everything went blur. I spun around only to see a monkey make of with something in its hand. I don't know why, but my proclivities of "manly" [inverted commas inserted by editor] self-denfense kicked in and my legs decided run forward and away from that disgusting monkey.

According to my siblings and grandma, the monkey was chewing on my specs, which is rather gross, if you ask me. To cut the long story short, a "professional stolen-by-monkey-stuff retriver dude-guy" appeared at the scene and retrieved my glasses. Thankfully, I got my (chewed up) spectacles back.

P.S. - I didn't have a place to wash my specs at that time, so I had to wear my spare "levitating" specs... Here's a pic:

Trust me, I did not use any strings or magnets or the like...

This is Noel Lim, thanks for tuning in,  I mean, reading. :P

3:30PM - Shopping

We stopped by at a souvenir shop to look at some stuff. Nothing exciting happened...

4:30PM - Jimburan

Jimburan is a beach famous for its sunsets. We had lots of time to kill so we took tons of pictures. Here they are:

Ain't that purty?

Setting sun + Crashing waves + Noel = 100% coolness

Lim Family <3

Now, time for the sunnset photos:



Well, that’s all for today.

Have a GREAT day!!!


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