Thursday, 7 February 2013

Our Time In Bali - Day Two (6/2/13)

Hey There!

So sorry for not posting anything yesterday :P… I was too tired and here’s why...

7:00AM – Wake up and breakfast

            I woke up and heard a strange sound… it sounded like sizzling. I was like, “Huh? Wad’s going on?” Then I peeked out and saw something I thought was reeeeaalllllyy cool. There were people cooking for us!!! The staffs from the villa were cooking breakfast for us. Wow!!! It’s almost as if were royalty! :D
WOAH!!! ^^
Ahh... a meal fit for a Queen. :D

11:30 AM – Terrace Padi Field

            After a crazy long car/van ride, we finally arrived at our destination: the Terrace Padi Field.

AMAZING, that one word says it all, amazing… ^^

12:00 PM – Coffee and spice plantation

The Coffee and spice plantation was located half way up a mountain, so the air up there was pretty cold. The plantation wasn’t exactly a plantation, it was more like a garden, a really messy garden… :P
The teas and coffees:
Lemon Tea     Ginger Tea
Ginseng Coffee        Chocolate Coffee
Vanilla Coffee    Ginger Coffee
Hot Chocolate      Bali Coffee
We got to try eight different kinds of coffee and tea. I absolutely loved the lemon tea <3!

12:45 PM – The Volcano

            After that was lunch, right next to an active volcano!!!! The restaurant was pretty high up another mountain-ish hill (as in, the mountain we were on was HUGE, but not big and tall enough to be a proper mountain with snowy caps and all that, ya get wad I mean?)

Wow, what a view! :) 

Food was buffet style. ^^

2:00 PM – ‘Holy’ Water Temple

            Next, we visited a Hindu temple, called ‘Holy’ Water Temple. The reason for that name was because it had a natural underground spring that ran through the temple. One of the temple rules was no pants shorter than knee length was allowed into the temple. Bad news, my dad was wearing bermudas and they were a little above his knees. Did they send him out? Of course not! They came up with a brilliant idea. This:
Swag with a Sarong (lol)

Alrighty, folks. That’s all for DAY 2!

Hope You Have A Great Day!


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