Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Homeschool Speech Camp (20-22th Feb, 2013)

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How's life?

My apologies that this post is not about something recent... I was bored nothing much has happened recently, so I've decided to post about this speech camp some friends and I organized, planned and ran! EnJoY!!! :]

So, it all started when a bunch of friends and I went through this course that thought us how to manage and organize events. One of the moms decided that, since we went through the training and were all involved in a public speaking group, we (yes, just us youths) would organize and run a Homeschool Speech Camp for children.

Initially, we were a bit uncertain and maybe even afraid, because we didn't know what to do and what to expect. But soon, most of us got the hang of it and were able to relax... a little. :P

Here's a pic of all of us during a planning meeting

For the camp, I was also in-charge of the $$$$... So here I am, at the reception table collecting money :)

I, Natasha Lim, gave the very first speech on the very first day, on the very first session. Nervous, nervous, nervous... >.< haha
That's me giving the intro to speech
Games Time!!! I spy me... discussing something with my group leader...

Each team was to prepare a skit about a particular person and present it on the last day. My team had Niel Armstrong. :) 
My team and I practicing the skit.

Here's Noel's team, Chief Joseph.

We had loads of fun doing the activities. Especially the impromptu game. Basically, each team was given 5 mins to weave an impromptu story... Everyone had a good laugh at our story, for some reason or other... :P 
Haha :)
Nerille made a new friend, Arsh. Happy for him cos he's the kind who's quiet and shy around strangers. Good work, Nerille, keep it up!
I just realised that I do not have anymore photos. I'm so sorry. But,.... there's one thing that needs to be mentioned, picture or no picture:


Well, to end of this post, I would like to thanks all those who put in so much effort and time into making this camp a success. Most importantly, THANK YOU, GOD!!!
nAtAshA :)

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