Friday, 15 March 2013

Update: Random Happenings Recently


Sorry, I haven't had time to blog since i came back from Bali. I had to dive straight into school almost immediately after we got back. Here are some of the things that's currently happening in my life...

1. Chinese 'O' Levels coming up. I just registered last night, and I'm gonna take the all the writing papers on the 3rd of June. It may seem like there's still some time to go, but believe me, it'll be here before you know it (>.<) *Shudders*

2. We're gonna move house soon! (Yay!) To where? Upstairs. Moving upstairs has it's advantages (e.g. less moving cost, hardly any difference when it comes to changing the address, people won't get [too] confused with our new and old addresses, etc.). But it definitely also has it's disadvantages. We're gonna renovate the place before moving in, so renovation = noise... In short, we have to grit our teeth and bear with the noise (Yes, it's happening right now, I can feel the floor vibrating.)... It's our house anyways, so I'm not complaining. :)

3. After some discussing, my parents decided to let me join the Royal Rangers Expedition Leadership Camp. I'm really looking forward to it. Pictures OTW (hopefully...:]).

4. Two days ago, my mom, two brothers and I went to watch a play/musical titled The Little Red Hen. I really enjoyed it... Maybe someday I can act and sing alongside them, it'll be fun... Hehe, I'm joking, but honestly, you'll never know. *winks*

That's about all...

Oh! One more thing, I get to decorate and design my own room for the new house! Really looking forward to that. Look out for the pictures of the process as well as the outcome.

Have a Great Day,

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