Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Update: The Marvelous Month of May!


Okay, so I haven’t been blogging recently and I sincerely apologize for that… But now I’m gonna be blogging weekly… Hopefully :P

Lots of stuff have happened since I last blogged, so you can expect this to be a rather lengthy post.

First of all, we moved upstairs… My new home is now much brighter and definitely more B.E.A.U.tiful. I absolutely <3 my room. When they first painted it, I almost had a HEART-ATTACK!!! The walls sooo purple that I found it hard to breathe… -_-lll…  Anyways, once the furniture and wardrobe came in, it became much better.  The wardrobe is another thing I <3 about my room. I really like the color and the texture of the doors. ^.^

No pictures… cos I don’t have any on my cam… AND I don’t  feel like taking any now… TOO BAD :P

Next big thing that happened in May… SAT BIO… >< *cringe* Not a very pleasant memory… I went all the way Orchard Road to take it. Okay… enough about that… I don’t wanna talk about it anymore… >< hehe

My grandparents (Dad’s side) came to visit. We brought them to Gardens by the Bay!!! That was the first time any of us (my family members) when there so we were all ‘uber’ excited!!!!!!  We visited the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. ^_^. Look out for a blog entry about that. There’ll be pictures! :D

That’s about all for the month of May! Thank you, May , for all these wonderful (and not-so-wonderful) memories! :P
Bye bye,