Sunday, 11 August 2013

Gardens By The Bay!!!

Hey Y'all!

I posted this post (lol) a while back, but somehow, the pictures didn't appear on the blog. There is no point not having pictures cos this blog needs PICTURES!

Anyways, here ya go:

Noel with the Gardens by the Bay Brochure/Map
The Iconic Tree Structure Thingy... Supertrees, I think... :P

In the Flower Dome! <3

WOAH! <3

The flowers were SOOOO beautiful!

PHOTO-BOMB!!! The funny thing is that the subject of the picture is blur while the surroundings are clear... :)

Still admiring the flowers
After that, it was LUNCH TIME at the...
... a restaurant nearby...
I had this! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 It was SOOOO good!
Next, the Cloud Forest...

I absolutely loved the "Waterfall"

Looking outwards! (From the top of the water fall)
Looking downwards! Woohoo! The best part of the entire trip!

I <3 the view :)
After that, we went outside... 

These Supertrees were HUGE!
Bye, Gardens by the Bay! I really, really enjoyed myself!
And that's about it. See ya soon!

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