Thursday, 15 August 2013



Okay so today I'm really happy. Why? cos my bro got new glasses!!! I think they're uber cool! here's what happened:

Two days ago, Noel's glasses started falling apart...

Noel's old glasses had seen better days. After approx. six months of soccer and wrestling matches (with his siblings), that pair of glasses just couldn't take it anymore. And two days ago, the metal just warped itself. So he had to go about life, peering through a pair of ridiculously crooked glasses. It was hilarious...

Yesterday, it just gave way. The left frame cracked and the lens popped out. I remember that evening, during dinner, we (the entire family) were having a great time chatting. Every so often, from the corner of my eye, I would see something drop downwards. When I turn to look, I would see Noel trying to fit the lens into the frame. Because of the crack, the frame was now too loose for the lens, so the lens would be balancing precariously on the bottom of the frame, waiting for someone to knock it off again.

Noel went to buy his new glasses yesterday afternoon. They said the earliest he could get it was tonite. And just 2 hours ago, my dad, Noel, Nerille, and I went to collect the glasses. I had a vague idea that the glasses had a thick frame (mom told me). But that's about it.

So Noel went into the shop, took off his old glasses, and put on his new pair. I looked at him and said shouted, "

And burst out laughing. Even the sales-assistant laughed along...
that was about it.
See you around :)
Oh, here's a pic :P

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