Sunday, 11 August 2013

Update: The First Three Days of JUNE!

Hey Peoples!

I re-visited my blog today and found this post... It was saved as a draft so it never got published... and it was supposed to be published on the 3rd of June... Sorry :P... Okay, without further ado...


This post is gonna be about the first three days of JUNE! Can you believe it? It has only been the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of June, and I feel like I'm almost halfway through June. That's cos those days were loaded with all sorts of activities... I'm not complaining... I'm just sayin'. :P

June 1, 2013...

It was major housework day, because Noel was gonna have his 13th birthday celebration at home. It seemed like there was also going to be some "formal ceremony" called Bar-Mitzvah. Though the housework consumed most of my time, almost all of my thought was on the ceremony that was going to take place later that day.

Finally, at around 7:30pm, the guest started arriving. My friends and I had a GREAT TIME... playing "Truth or Dare"... *akward silence... plus crickets chirping* hee hee ^.^

At around 9:00pm, the formal ceremony, the Bar-Mitzvah, commenced. It was a pretty lengthy ceremony with one super slow hymn and lots of long prayers... :)

After that, we sang the "Birthday Song", everyone ate cake and went home...

Oh, I forgot to mention the part where a bunch of friends and I shared our knowledge and experience regarding the subject of with Horror Movies... haha... *evil smile*

Phew... What a busy day!!! ;)

June 2, 2013

That day was a Sunday... So the A.M. Church Service was definitely in our schedule. After church, we rested at home for about an hour or so before taking off for our Mid-year Piano Recital. I was the last performer, so I had to wait for at least 20 minutes for my turn. That, I can say, was definitely horrible for the nerves... >-< Well, when it was my turn to perform, I just did my best and before I knew it, my song was over. :P

Here's us in concert attire. :)
After that, we had to rush to my mom's friend's house for dinner. There, I was "reunited" with a friend who I've never seen for 6 months. And boy, did we have such a great time chatting and laughing. There was one topic dominating our conversation though... the dreaded Chinese 'O' levels >-< I did get some interesting tips from her though, so it wasn't all that bad... XD

June 3, 2013...

The most depressing day of by life... CHINESE 'O' LEVELS EXAMINATION........ *Sob sob*
Two words...
Hard to believe, but I did... And so did some of my other friends, thankfully.. :P
That's all for now...
Bye bye,

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