Sunday, 11 August 2013

Random Post #1


i have to be the horriblest blogger in history... like seriously...

i go online and find that people blog like at least once a week and here i am, blogging only once a month... sick, eh?


this post is gonna be boring cos im just gonna ramble on and on and on without stopping to arrange my thoughts and if you find it overwhelming or just plain dumb i have two words for you: GO AWAY!!!!

I just had a splinter removed from my thumb... it HURTED like mad. And u wanna noe wat i was doin while my dad was probing my thumb with a needle which he burned while trying to sanitize it? i was practicing my grade 6 piano aural. Why? cos I have a practical piano exam coming up on Wednesday and i dun feel ready for it. AT ALL!!! Somebody kill meeeeeeee!!!! Oh wait don't, you can kill me after I find out my 'o' levels result which comes out in a week (i think) provided it's bad... I think imma gonna watch a movie now... bye bye, natasha

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