Thursday, 26 September 2013

Happy birthday to ME! :P

Hey Peoplez!!!

Okay so my birthday falls on the 25th of September… The bestest, most coolest day of the entire year… okay, maybe im a little biased… :P But anyways…

Birthday = CELEBRATION!!!

There’s nothing I like better to do on my birthday than to eat at someplace nice with my beloved family members… And that’s what we did!

BUT, the problem was, we couldn’t do dinner, cos my brother and I each had a class to attend. Lunch wasn’t a good idea too, cos that would mean dad wouldn’t be there… My lovely father came up with a brilliant alternative, “If we can’t do dinner and can’t do lunch, then… let’s do… SUPPER.”

So that was the very first time anyone in the family had a celebratory supper instead of the regular dinner.

We ate at….

Calamari Rings <3
The breaded chicken was AMAZING...

Of course, what's the point of going to Swenson's with getting ICE CREAM!!

Hope your birthday was/will be as wonderful as mine!!!
Natasha... ^.^
P.S. - This is not the end of my birthday celebration... on friday, im going ice skating with a bunch of friends! look out for a post about that. :)

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