Thursday, 31 October 2013

Update: Project Sixteen


I thought I’d update you guys on Project 16.

It’s going pretty well… I’m trying my best to accomplish all these little goals. Speaking of goals, you might want to know what they are. J

Project 16

1.      Write (or attempt to write) one novel.

2.      Perform or present something two times publicly.

3.      Exercise three hours a week.

4.      Blog four times a month.

5.      Make five new friends.

6.      Make six scrapbook cards.

7.      Remember seven people’s (excluding family members) birthdays, AND wish them ‘Happy Birthday’ on that day.

8.      Do eight DIY projects

9.      Learn to sing nine songs by heart.

10.  Bake ten things that I’ve never baked before.

11.  Give meaningful gifts to eleven different people.

12.  Cook or help out in the kitchen twelve times.

13.  Use my hair-curler thirteen times.

14.  Read fourteen books.

15.  Learn fifteen new vocabulary words.

16.  List and give thanks for sixteen blessings.

As you may have realized, I made the goals tally with their goal number… Yeah ^^

Okay, I guess that’s all.


Natasha J


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. :) It's fun but sometimes it get a little stressful. hehe ^.^


  2. Nice post, and ya, cool idea! :)
    Grace xxx


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