Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Update: What's Going On Now :)

Hi Hi!

Have you ever wondered what you wanna do with your life? I have…

Figure that out seems like an incredibly daunting task… And I’m stuck.

Y’know, thinking that far off scares me a little, especially if it’s ‘bout something important. ><

So I decided that I wanna set goals for myself, like, small, little, achievable, but not too simple, goals. I saw something like that on someone else’s blog and have been wanting to try that out ever since.

Even though this little… um… project thing has nothing to do with what I want to be with my life, it helps me feel the motivation to complete a task and also the satisfaction to see a job well done. And , it’s fun! The goals I’ve set for myself are pretty interesting… So yeah… haha

Initially, I wanted to begin this project on my birthday, but I guess life got in the way (excuses, excuses… *sigh*).

I changed my plans and decided to start it on the FIRST of OCTOBER! On the first of October, I began to create my list of goals.

How I’m doing this project…? Um… I’ve decided to go with something more tangible (as compared to blogging and updating through my blog). I got an interesting book/photo album thingy for Christmas last year, and it’s been sitting around collecting dust ever since… haha. It has a pretty, pinkish front and back cover, with black and brown, thick, hard paper serving as the pages. And on my birthday, I requested for some pens. I received some cool ones, in the colors, gold, silver, and white! Yay!!!

And then, I began to write in that book. J And decorating the first page.
Well, this is just a head's up to what's goin' on in my life right now.
See you 'round,


Oh, btw, I named this thing I'm doing "Project 16". So much for creativity... haha...


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