Thursday, 7 November 2013

Project 16 - DIY Project #1 - Colored Sand


Remember one of the things on my Project 16 list was do eight DIY projects? Well, I got one done today. J

I got some of these markers and couldn’t figure out how to store them… I wanted something cool and creative plus kinda disply-ish (as I don’t use markers very often) and then… “AHA!” I got it! I “made” a marker holder. It’s  just a glass container with some colored sand thing (salt actually, as you will find out) with a fun quote and some decorations in the front.
:) Here's what it looks like...
Here’s what I did for the “sand”:

1.      Prepare a glass container, white finely ground salt (quite a lot, I realized), and some chalk of different colors.

2.      Stir the salt around in a cup with a piece of chalk. The salt will (more or less) magically change its color. :P

3.      Pour the colored salt into the glass container

4.      Repeat the above step with chalks of different colors and different amounts of salt.

Tip: You can layer the salt unevenly giving it a more artistic look. J

I used five colors, blue, pink, green, yellow, and very light orange... It didn't show up well in the pic :(
For the front decoration and quote…

I just wrote the quote, “Life is meant to be colorful” with a permanent marker and used nail polish to put random dots around to make it more colorful. Personally, I really think the quote went amazingly well with the salt and the markers. Doncha think so too?

Something you really need to know: Make a mistake while writing? No problem! Just wipe it off with some nail polish remover. I was sooo happy ‘bout this cos I made tons of mistakes while writing the quote… XD

Stick your markers in and voilĂ , you’ve got it! Woot woot!

Hope you enjoyed this post, cos I did :P

Oh and tell me if you actually try it out… J


Natasha ~ :3


  1. soooo pretty. love the quote, and do you actually have lime green nail polish? oh, so jealous!


    1. It's actually yellow... :P not lime green hehe

    2. cheat my feelings :(( and no, i'm not color blind haha :D


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