Friday, 8 November 2013

Project 16 - Scrapbook Cards #1 & 2

Hey There!

Woot woot! I got another two things on my project list done! This time, it’s scrapbook cards… Sadly, they’re not as scrapbook-ish I wanted them to be… but that’s okay ^^ Simple is pretty too J They’re both thank you cards, so yeah…

Card #1
Card #2

Personally I <3 the one with the buttons… the color combi is sooo sweet ^^ It kinda reminds me of a cute and bubbly little girl. hehe

The one with the staples is less playful, but still fun. The colors go well together, especially the aqua-turquoise-ish blue and the warm orange. Serious yet fun! <3 it!

See ya!

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