Saturday, 30 November 2013

Project 16 - Baking Recipe #2 - Smore Cupcakes


Yay! I got another baking-thingy down! This time, it’s cupcakes! Specifically, Smores Cupcakes!!! I had sooo much fun baking it…
Here's what it looked like before it went into the oven. :)

But it didn’t turn out quite right… The marshmallow kinda floated up too high and got BURNT… >< Like that...

But, the good thing about marshmallows is that whatever that’s burnt sticks together… So I just peel the burnt part right off!!! Yippee!
After that, I just piped some melted marshmallow on the top and TADA!
My mom doesn't really fancy sweet stuff, so she hardly ate any... But she said the cupcake part was good. Dad liked it, and my brothers... Wow, I had to tear them from my marshmallow icing... haha. :)
Ok, see ya round! bye!


  1. looks deelicious! wish i had more time for baking haha:(


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