Friday, 15 November 2013

Project 16 - DIY Project #2 - Door Hanger! :D


Guys! I got another DIY thing-a-ma-gic done! But I have to say, it’s kinda lame… As in I wanna call it a DIY PROJECT but to be totally, frankly honest, I don’t think it is… Cos it’s really very simple… But that’s ok, right? Cos it’s mai project and mai goal, so I

get to decide what’s good and what ain’t. Ok, that’s horribly self-centered… :P

For this project, I did this…

I’m not entirely sure what it’s called… It’s the… um… y’know, that ‘welcome’ or ‘do not disturb’ thingies you hang outside on the door handle… Yeah… those things… :P

Here’s the ‘how-to’:

1.      Cut a long strip of felt-ish thingy of your desired color and folded it to the desired size of the flower.

2.      Cut out the flower shape.

3.      Arrange the layers of the flower and staple it onto a card and scrunch it up.

4.      Punch a hole on the top part of the card and loop a piece of pretty ribbon through.

5.      (Optional) Write something on it [I wrote “hello”] and TA-DA!!! You got it!!! :D

I know it’s not that DIY-ish, but it’s okay… You can actually make it into a card and write a note on the opposite side. Or a book mark, just that you have to flatten the flower whenever you close the book… unless you want to crush it in between the pages of the book…That works too…

See you ‘round,

Natasha ~

p.s. – I’m so lovin’ this font ^ :D

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