Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Project 16 - Baking Recipe #1 - French Macaroons

Ello Ello!

So sorry for not blogging recently… I fell ill, had tons of work to catch up on, and a lotta other stuff… ><

But I’ve got good news… As you most prolly already may have guessed, I have accomplished another thing on my Project 16 list! Woot woot!

This time, it’s BAKING! I absolutely, positively L<3VE baking… I dun really know why and when I started enjoying it so much… But that’s beside the point.

I baked….


Wait for it, wait for it….




Specifically, French Macaroons. Yay!!! Have you evah eaten one of those? If you haven’t, then you must be some poor deprived soul floating somewhere out there in the wilderness… Just kidding… I totally understand if you’ve never eaten a macaroon before… Cos, y’know why? My dad and my mom have never ever ever ever eaten a macaroon before… (They didn’t even know what it was or that it even existed :P)

Anyways… Here’s a pic…

I baked 2 batches… The first one came out burnt… ><

And the second batch came out slightly under-done

BUT!!! They were both edible… and my Family was such a great sport and bravely taste tested it… Honestly, IT. WAS. AH. MAY. ZING…

Yesh, it was burnt and under-cook, but it tasted great nonetheless. So yay for that…

Being the confident and ever so perfect me (Yeah right, watev), I just had to get it right… So I went to the closest baking store and bought a whole buncha stuffz I needed to bake another round of macaroonz!!!

Okay… that’s it J Bai

P.S. - Oh, I know a “1 Word – Many Thoughts” post is long overdue… but please be kind and hang tight a while more… I’ll get one up soon, I PROMISE!!!


  1. hahaha you dear perfectionist. (just like j., might i kindly add) Ü
    i totally gotta get some baking done. i didn't bake at all during summer although i said i'd be like baking the kitchen to bits with all that free time. ah well. i'll just have to stop procrastinating hahah.

  2. .... (am I thinking what you're think...)

    Haha... you go, girl! I know u can do it!


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