Monday, 23 December 2013

Project 16 - Baking Recipe #3 - M&M Cookies

Hey There!

I baked M&M cookies!!! Actually, I baked them on Saturday… ^^

It was my first time trying to bake them, so as you probably guess, there were some problems… ><

Oh, here's a pic before I go any further…

Well, one problem was that the M&Ms cracked every time I put them in the oven. So I thought, “Fine, if you crack when I put you in the oven, then I shan’t put you in the oven.” So, I stuck those M&Ms in the cookies immediately after they came out of the oven. Now comes the second problem, the M&Ms kinda wouldn’t stay on… >< I couldn’t fix that problem, but, the good thing was that not all the M&Ms would fall off… Some of them would be more obedient and hang tight to where I placed them.
See? They cracked... D:

The most important this is that they tasted good… Mom liked it, so did Dad and the brothers. So, mission accomplished. *Spy-ish music playing in the background*

K thanks for stopping by!


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