Monday, 27 January 2014

Update: Diet Change + rant


As you people might already know, I’m currently battling a skin condition that I have.

It’s called eczema, more specifically, it’s atopic dermatitis (facial eczema).

My mom and I suspect that it’s something I ate that caused this flare-up, so…

I have to change my diet…

Dum dum dum… ><

Altho food is not really something I care a lot about,

I really REALLY intensely dislike it when I cannot eat whatever I want to.

(Cos I’m too lazy to cook so I wanna just eat whatever I can find…)

Now, with this condition, I have to specially prepare food to eat…

No more instant noodles and whatever… >< *sob sob*

I really need a whole lotta perseverance and self-control for the next few months…

(or until I find out what I’m allergic to.

Which will, hopefully, not take that long…)

So today’s day one of this crazy change of diet.

I’m going gluten-, dairy-, seafood-, nut-, egg-free

*whispers fiercely* for now…


Thanks for reading!

And don’t get allergic to anything…


It’s Chinese New Year in like a few days.

Think about all those Chinese New Year goodies sitting on the dining table,

Beckoning you to eat them.

And then turning around and see mom raising her eyebrows and mouthing the word ‘no’…

And then,

Turning to look back at the table and seeing your siblings gorging themselves…

Argh! This is just tooo much… ><

I want some pineapple tarts


K, bye.

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