Saturday, 25 January 2014

Update: Life so far in 2014

Hi, I’m Back…

It’s good to be back and posting again…

But I have to admit, I enjoyed my little hiatus.

I had school-work to catch-up on,

Road-trips to go on,

Birthdays to celebrate,

Meetings/talks to attend,

And stuff to plan…

It’s only been the first 3 weeks and a half weeks of the New Year and I’m pooped… haha

Well, this post is just gonna be an update on life so far in 2014…

Let’s rewind all the way to the start of this year…

Of course, there were lots of dinners and gatherings and stuffs…

I attended a talk/workshop – t’was about finding your strengths, how to work on them and survive in the working world… Yeah… >< something like dat…



We went to Desaru (2 days) and Melaka (another 2 days) and spent the (half of the) final day in J.B.

T’was fun… photos coming… hopefully… (remind me if it’s been three weeks and you’ve yet to see the pics… hehe :P)

School OFFICAILLT began on 13th of Jan… So yeah… busy busy busy… ><

One things I learnt – Chemistry is SOOO HARD AND CONFUZZLING... ugh

The next big things that happened was… *drumrolls*


Yep, my dad is OLD(er)…

I love him sooooo much.

So yeah that’s about it…

Hope first few weeks of Jan was as fun as mine!

K, Bye!~
By the way, have you gotten used to writing "2014" when writing dates yet... I think I just did... I know, I'm slow :P

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