Monday, 27 January 2014

Project 16 - Baking Recipe #5 - Oatmeal Banana and Cranberry Cookies!


I baked something today!!! Yay!

It’s Oatmeal Cookies. Actually, it’s Oatmeal Banana Cranberry Cookies… It’s gluten-free, so that’s a plus…

(I’m trying to go gluten-, dairy-, and seafood- free… for now… Cos im currently battling a skin condition called eczema, more specifically, atopic dermatitis (facial eczema). It hurts and itches like crazy >< Mom thinks it an allergy reaction and I think so too… So right now, I’m trying to figure out what food I ate caused this painful and itchy reaction.) Now back to the topic…

This is one of the easiest cookies I’ve ever made in my whole entire life…

All I needed was just a banana, one cup of oatmeal, and some cranberries (dried). Yup, that’s all. Just mash everything together and throw it in the oven… And TADA!

I found it quite amazing that it stuck together… I was quite doubtful cos it started out as just a bunch of rolled oats and cranberries glued together by mashed banana… But it stuck, so yay!

It tastes pretty good… the sweet taste of the banana, the texture of the oatmeal, and the occasional bursts of sourness, thanks to the cranberries.

Noel likes it… I like it… And I hope you will like it too if you try it!

Thanks for stopping by!

Natasha~ :D

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