Friday, 28 February 2014

Cambodia Mission Trip :: Day #3


Today was like the best day so far… So many kids and soooo much fun!

We did a health talk today and my brother, Noel, and I were in-charge of “Nutrition.” We spent lots of time preparing and I’m so glad all the hard work paid off… Praise God!!!!
An activity we did with them
After the session, we handed out goodie bags... :)
AND... Lunch! Steamboat, Cambodian style... haha
After lunch, the parents of our team had a talk for the parents of the kids at the school.
A tea break after the entire thing... Phew...
A really really short sight-seeing session after a day of teaching...
Alright, that's all!
Yay for such an amazing day!!!!! :3


Thursday, 27 February 2014

Cambodia Mission Trip :: Day #2

Hello Again

Today was the first day of the official mission trip. We went to a school in SangKhim to share the gospel. We did a skit (The story of Naaman) and then shared some stuff about the gospel with the help of the Wordless Book. The kids had lots of fun and so did I. Praise God for such a wonderful time!!!

The kids were super disciplined. Probably like 14 million times more disciplined and well-mannered as compared to Singaporean kids… Haha…

That's me playing a game with them... :)

Making the Wordless Book for craft...

Some of them were soooo proud of it they wanted to show it off to everyone else!

Game time!!!
Praise God for such a great bunch of kids to work with. Tomorrow is day #3, so yep, kinda nervous but still looking forward to it nonetheless.
K, that's all. :D


Cambodia Mission Trip :: Day #1


From Cambodia

Yup, we landed safely in Cambodia. Yay!!!

When we arrived at the hotel, it was about 5:30pm Phnom Penh time. So, we just met up with the other two families and had dinner together. I had like the BESTEST phở I’ve ever eaten in my whole life… >< *dies of happiness*
I also had this pancake thingy… It was ok… I didn’t really like it, but everyone else polished it off. ^^
Oh and while the parents were chatting as they often always do after dinners, a friend and I made this “bouquet” thingy out of the salad that came along with some of the food. Because the veggies that we used were mostly herbs and stuffs, we deemed our creation “The Smell Bouquet”. Haha… But, seriously, it smelled really nice. Here's a pic:
That’s about all for Day 1, well, more like day ½. :P
And yes, ti’s rather late now… :)

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Update: Cambodia Mission Trip

Hi There

Aaand… Yes, I’m aware that I haven’t been blogging recently…

The reason(s)? Tons of school and a bunch of other lame excuses.

I’ve also been preparing for a mission-trip to Cambodia. Yup, we have decided to go on a mission trip to Cambodia with two other families. We had tons of things to prepare and plan, but thank God, we managed to finalize a plan and tie up the loose ends in time. I’m looking forward to it and also dreading it... >< Not sure of what's gonna happen, but let's hope for the best.

Oh yeah, I’m typing this at the airport… haha.

Here are a couple pics I got so far.
Waiting for a ride to the airport.

Queuing for check our luggage in.

Have you ever wonder what happens to the luggage once it tumbles down the tunnel and disappears from sight? I have… I even fantasized about squeezing into a suitcase and checking myself in just to check it out. But, meh, that’s totally not happening. My question was sorta answered when I watched Toy Story 3. *winks* D'you know which part of the movie I’m alluding to? Haha, not sure how accurate that was, but yeah…

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll be arriving in Cambodia in a couple hours time, so yeah. Bye.


Friday, 14 February 2014

Project 16 - Baking Recipe #6 - Gluten-Free Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Hey There!

Haha, it me again!

I baked something today! :) Aaaaaaand…I have no idea what to feel about it. I had fun baking it and it did look good, but the taste? Um, well, not too good. Maybe it’s cos I’m not used to the taste of almond flour? Ugh, I dunno… ><

Cos I did BAKE it, I’m gonna count it as a baking recipe and strike another thing of my list of to-do’s from Project 16 (ß click that if you hv no idea what I’m talking about. :] Thanks!)

I baked gluten-free chocolate chunk cookies. Here’s a pic.

See? It does look good. Well, at least it looks good to me. I taste tested it, and oh, I didn’t like it… My brother, Noel, (ß click that if you’re not sure who he is) was nice and said he liked it. So yay for lovely and encouraging bros! <3

Okay, that ‘bout it for now.

See you soon and thanks for stopping by!


Random Post #3


Ok, I seem to be having some sorta trouble posting on my blog lately.

Cos Im having a writer’s block.

I can’t think of anything to write or ramble about…

This doesn’t happen very often, I assure you,

But when it does, I really have nothing to say.

Even typing this is hard…

I have to think really, really, REALLY hard just to type or choose a word to use.

It’s not fun and actually kinda unnerving.

So because of this, I’ve decided not to write anything.

And instead, draw something for you guys.

I’m no great artist or drawer (haha).

Honestly, my “skillz” are not even remotely close to good.

But, I’ve decided to give it try and post my random doodles for your viewing pleasure…

(it kinda maybe more of a torture than a pleasure… do let me know in the comments.)

The inspiration behind the drawings:

Because ppl on the other side of the globe had been or are having snow,

I decided that I would draw sth related to that.

And this is what I did.

Not the best, but I tried. :P

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

And, by the next post, I hope to have lotsa things to say.

Look forward to posting and again!


Monday, 10 February 2014

Wait WHAT?! A Thousand Views?!?!?!


I've just reached a thousand views on my blog!!! I was minding my own business, checking my blog and email and watev... Then I saw it...

1000 page views...

And, I died...

*After climbing back onto my chair...* I thank you peeps sooooo much!!! This is really a GREAT encouragement as well as a HUGE milestone in my blogging... um... life (?) so far!

I can only guess who was the 1000th viewer... hehe <3

Well, I've gotta hop off this world and into reality now... It's sad, I know... But I can hv peace knowing that you lovely readers will be here... waiting for me...

*dies of happiness (again)*

K, bye!!!!!!!! <333


Thursday, 6 February 2014

Random Post #2



She stood alone in a wide open field. The wind had untangled strands of chestnut brown hair from her loose braid. Her bright, red, wide brimmed hat failed to effective shield the glaring sun from her emerald green eyes. She raised one calloused hand to her thick arched eyebrows in an attempt to block the sun’s glaring rays. Little dots of freckles scattered over her cheeks, nose bridge and a couple spilled onto her forehead. Small and perky, her nose was pointed high into the air as she scanned the horizon. Her full lips parted slightly, showing two clenched rows of straight teeth. Beneath her pointed chin, a white bandana with black tips was knotted tightly. She wore a plain, starched white shirt under her tan leather jacket. Her long-sleeved jacket creased and stretched in different places as she planted her other hand on her hip.

Thick and clunky, a huge, dark brown, leather belt sat low on her hips. Frayed and old, some rope hung loosely from a loop in her belt. Light blue, denim jeans spread tight over her thighs and disappeared into the tops of her knee-high boots. Dusty and caked with mud, her boots stood in the sun which highlighted every detail of her leather footwear. Leather fringes traced the tops of her boots. Like a crazy maze, thousands of lines and wrinkles merged, split and ran across the pair of shoes. Just above the worn-out heel, a silver buckle shone brightly in the sun, contrasting starkly with the matte darkness of her footwear. Slightly discoloured, the tips of her boot pointed stubbornly toward the sun.


You’re prolly wondering what’s up with this post. Well, I was bored so I decided to post something random yet specific and detailed at the same time… You get what I mean? All the above is purely from my own mind, a figment of my imagination. I just closed my eyes and the first thing I “saw” was (< wow! Was is actually saw backwards… haha) a great, boundless field. The next thing I “saw” someone looking into the horizon… And yep, that was that!

Hope you enjoyed reading this interestingly different post!

See you ‘round! <3

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

CNY (2014) With My Family!


**I love this font! It’s so cool! :)**

Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year, is one of the craziest times of the year… Everyone is at everyone else’s house and there’s just soooo much activity under one roof. This year, I spent CNY in Malaysia, at my grandmother’s house.

This was one of the best CNY celebrations ever… We did not go visiting, so getting crammed into a stuffy house along with another 30 people (Okay, mebbe not that many) did not happen. True, we didn’t get as many red packets (><) but, money’s not everything, right? Right…? *Breathes deeply and attempts to hold back tears…*

In Malaysia, to celebrate Chinese New Year without fireworks could be considered a crime… (Almost…) So, as you can imagine, the last and first minutes of 31st January and 1st February (respectively) was really loud and crazy. Fireworks were exploding left, right and center. The sky was repeatedly lit up with brilliant reds, greens, and purples. It was really pretty… My grandmother’s neighbors had all sorts of different kinds of fireworks. Having fireworks erupt all around you, at the same time, in so many different varieties and colors was really overwhelming… My uncle even proudly asked, “Better than Singapore NDP, right?” haha…
There’s the roof, and there’s the fireworks. Yep, that close! You could almost feel the heat from the fireworks!

The Next Day~

My mom and dad planned a 2-days, 1-night family “holiday” in Kota Tinggi. We stayed at…

They had this crazy cool/cute brochure!
Haha! See the similarity?


The entire resort is 16 acres… That’s pretty big! They even had their own adventure park! Cool, huh?
Noel, Nerille, and Grandma in front of the adventure park

They had this crazy cool bridge between the resorts and the adventure park! The moment I saw it, I was like I am so going to cross this bridge whether you like it or not!
Woohoo! We really got to walk on the bridge! Yeah!

Oh! Oh! They had this really adorable and tame kitty! He was soooooo nice and fluffy and squishy and just really really really really cute! As you can guess, the cat was probably the best part of this “holiday”… And yesh, it downright was!

The next day, we just lazed around and then went to visit the waterfall nearby… After that, we went back to my grandmother’s house.

Yep! So that was how I celebrated CNY this year. How ‘bout you? How did you celebrate CNY?

That’s all! Thanks for stopping by!


Yes, I had to use this font again… :) K, bye!