Thursday, 27 February 2014

Cambodia Mission Trip :: Day #1


From Cambodia

Yup, we landed safely in Cambodia. Yay!!!

When we arrived at the hotel, it was about 5:30pm Phnom Penh time. So, we just met up with the other two families and had dinner together. I had like the BESTEST phở I’ve ever eaten in my whole life… >< *dies of happiness*
I also had this pancake thingy… It was ok… I didn’t really like it, but everyone else polished it off. ^^
Oh and while the parents were chatting as they often always do after dinners, a friend and I made this “bouquet” thingy out of the salad that came along with some of the food. Because the veggies that we used were mostly herbs and stuffs, we deemed our creation “The Smell Bouquet”. Haha… But, seriously, it smelled really nice. Here's a pic:
That’s about all for Day 1, well, more like day ½. :P
And yes, ti’s rather late now… :)


  1. oohh. the food *dies*
    hope you families there have a good, enriching, and fun time (: keeping you guys in my prayers!
    rainbows and dreams


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