Thursday, 27 February 2014

Cambodia Mission Trip :: Day #2

Hello Again

Today was the first day of the official mission trip. We went to a school in SangKhim to share the gospel. We did a skit (The story of Naaman) and then shared some stuff about the gospel with the help of the Wordless Book. The kids had lots of fun and so did I. Praise God for such a wonderful time!!!

The kids were super disciplined. Probably like 14 million times more disciplined and well-mannered as compared to Singaporean kids… Haha…

That's me playing a game with them... :)

Making the Wordless Book for craft...

Some of them were soooo proud of it they wanted to show it off to everyone else!

Game time!!!
Praise God for such a great bunch of kids to work with. Tomorrow is day #3, so yep, kinda nervous but still looking forward to it nonetheless.
K, that's all. :D


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