Tuesday, 4 February 2014

CNY (2014) With My Family!


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Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year, is one of the craziest times of the year… Everyone is at everyone else’s house and there’s just soooo much activity under one roof. This year, I spent CNY in Malaysia, at my grandmother’s house.

This was one of the best CNY celebrations ever… We did not go visiting, so getting crammed into a stuffy house along with another 30 people (Okay, mebbe not that many) did not happen. True, we didn’t get as many red packets (><) but, money’s not everything, right? Right…? *Breathes deeply and attempts to hold back tears…*

In Malaysia, to celebrate Chinese New Year without fireworks could be considered a crime… (Almost…) So, as you can imagine, the last and first minutes of 31st January and 1st February (respectively) was really loud and crazy. Fireworks were exploding left, right and center. The sky was repeatedly lit up with brilliant reds, greens, and purples. It was really pretty… My grandmother’s neighbors had all sorts of different kinds of fireworks. Having fireworks erupt all around you, at the same time, in so many different varieties and colors was really overwhelming… My uncle even proudly asked, “Better than Singapore NDP, right?” haha…
There’s the roof, and there’s the fireworks. Yep, that close! You could almost feel the heat from the fireworks!

The Next Day~

My mom and dad planned a 2-days, 1-night family “holiday” in Kota Tinggi. We stayed at…

They had this crazy cool/cute brochure!
Haha! See the similarity?


The entire resort is 16 acres… That’s pretty big! They even had their own adventure park! Cool, huh?
Noel, Nerille, and Grandma in front of the adventure park

They had this crazy cool bridge between the resorts and the adventure park! The moment I saw it, I was like I am so going to cross this bridge whether you like it or not!
Woohoo! We really got to walk on the bridge! Yeah!

Oh! Oh! They had this really adorable and tame kitty! He was soooooo nice and fluffy and squishy and just really really really really cute! As you can guess, the cat was probably the best part of this “holiday”… And yesh, it downright was!

The next day, we just lazed around and then went to visit the waterfall nearby… After that, we went back to my grandmother’s house.

Yep! So that was how I celebrated CNY this year. How ‘bout you? How did you celebrate CNY?

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  1. cool pics! love the fireworks. :) Looks like a whole lot of awesome fun...
    Tane ♥

  2. Of course the CNY fireworks in Msia are much much better than NDP! And you get to see it without hundreds of people in a crowded area... and sometimes you even get to light them!


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