Friday, 14 February 2014

Random Post #3


Ok, I seem to be having some sorta trouble posting on my blog lately.

Cos Im having a writer’s block.

I can’t think of anything to write or ramble about…

This doesn’t happen very often, I assure you,

But when it does, I really have nothing to say.

Even typing this is hard…

I have to think really, really, REALLY hard just to type or choose a word to use.

It’s not fun and actually kinda unnerving.

So because of this, I’ve decided not to write anything.

And instead, draw something for you guys.

I’m no great artist or drawer (haha).

Honestly, my “skillz” are not even remotely close to good.

But, I’ve decided to give it try and post my random doodles for your viewing pleasure…

(it kinda maybe more of a torture than a pleasure… do let me know in the comments.)

The inspiration behind the drawings:

Because ppl on the other side of the globe had been or are having snow,

I decided that I would draw sth related to that.

And this is what I did.

Not the best, but I tried. :P

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

And, by the next post, I hope to have lotsa things to say.

Look forward to posting and again!



  1. I awarded you at my blog :)


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