Monday, 10 February 2014

Wait WHAT?! A Thousand Views?!?!?!


I've just reached a thousand views on my blog!!! I was minding my own business, checking my blog and email and watev... Then I saw it...

1000 page views...

And, I died...

*After climbing back onto my chair...* I thank you peeps sooooo much!!! This is really a GREAT encouragement as well as a HUGE milestone in my blogging... um... life (?) so far!

I can only guess who was the 1000th viewer... hehe <3

Well, I've gotta hop off this world and into reality now... It's sad, I know... But I can hv peace knowing that you lovely readers will be here... waiting for me...

*dies of happiness (again)*

K, bye!!!!!!!! <333



  1. Awesome for you. :) Glad you got there - your blog deserves it!
    Tane ♥

  2. ohyayyyy!!! happy for you (: i'm glad you started this blog because blogging is a great way to just focus your thinking, blurt out nonsense in your head, and pen down memories. where else can you do that? (:
    i'm excited for whatever you have planned for this amazing place!
    i'll like to follow, but everytime i try, it doesn't allow me... ): once it permits me, i'll immediately follow. all the best, girl!
    rainbows and dreams

  3. Thanks so much, Tane and Pris!!!


  4. Happy 1000th (birthday LOL). Hey, is there any way to follow your blog, because when I click on "Join this site" it redirects and says something like "we can't handle your request". Thanks!

  5. Hello Ajax!

    Thanks for commenting!

    I hv no idea what's up with my 'Join this site' button... >< Sorry! Um, I think you could manually copy and paste link of my blog ( directly onto your Dashboard. I did that once for another person and it worked, so you can try that.... Do tell me if it doesn't work...><


  6. yayyyyy! your blog just makes me feel so happy. all types of happy. (: and it drags me out of thinking in deep, secluded thoughts to a world where, you know, there are gummies and rainbows and skittle rain. (; <3

    1. Hehe thanks! I love your blog too!



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