Monday, 3 March 2014

Cambodia Mission Trip: Days #4 & #5

Yup, so I’m home right now… Back in Singapore again. Yay! But first, I’ve gotta update you peeps on days #4 and #5. So read on!

Day #4
Day #4 was a Saturday and it was a sight-seeing day. We rode a bus back to Phnom Penh and went to the Russian Market (and saw not a single Russian person…), the Genocide Museum, had lunch (not exactly such a good idea having lunch after touring the Genocide Museum, but yeah…), and finally, we visited the Royal Palace.
I didn't take many pictures on Saturday... Sorry... :P

We had lunch at a Singaporean restaurant. The food was good and I tried frog legs for the first time... and probably the last time... Sorry to all the frog-leg lovers out there... ><
The Royal Palace!!! It's really big!

There's us!
After that, we checked in to a BEAUTIFUL hotel… It was sooooooo nice! Everything was like velvet and silk. Ok, maybe not everything, but anyways...
Day #5
Day #5 was a Sunday. We went to a small church place, I think… It wasn’t actually a church, it was a dorm for students who went to the university in Phnom Penh. They had church gatherings there every Sunday.
We did the Namaan skit again...
… and listened to a sermon by one of the fathers from the mission team.
We had lunch after the service and then went to shop and watch a movie in a shopping mall nearby. After that, we packed our luggage and headed to the airport. Another family was on the same flight as us so on the way to the airport, we (well, most of the kids) passed the time by singing our lungs out… Haha, not too sure if the adults appreciated it, but yeah.
We had dinner, boarded the plane, and landed safely in Singapore! Yay! Woot woot! Three lovely people came to pick us up and give us a ride home. (Thank you sooo much!!!!)
And that’s the end of our Cambodia Mission Trip!
Overall, it was a lovely trip. I had so much fun and learnt so much. I was really blessed by the people we met there and the people in the mission team. I grew so much closer to the friends on the team and seriously, I never knew sooooo many things about them! They were fun, epic, and just great people! I really really am soooo grateful to the Lord for giving me this opportunity to serve and work for Him.
Thank you, Lord!



  1. it sounds like an absolutely lovely trip!! and it'll be cool if everything was in velvet or silk :P like everything hahah

    1. It was a GREAT trip!!!

      Yeah, totally! <3


  2. it sounds like you had fun!

    1. Yeah! It was tons of fun! I really enjoyed my time there. :)



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