Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Project 16 - Baking Recipe #7 - Nutella-Filled Cookies

Um… Hi!

Yes, yes… I said I wasn’t gonna post as much, but when I have so many thoughts and feelings zooming around in my head, I just have to post… I feel more at ease after I post on my blog so im just gonna do it, kay? Posting is like a stress relief tactic for me and so is baking… So im gonna combine them and post about baking! Yay for my geniusness.

As you can tell from the title, I baked Nutella cookies. More specifically, Nutella-filled cookies. Yummeh! It was so easy I nearly died. Seriously! All you need is:
One cuppa flour
One cuppa Nutella
One egg
that's all...
I know you're like "seriously"?!
And so Im sayin', "Yesh, SERIOUSLY!"
All you need to do is mix 'em all together and separate 'em into balls and pop 'em in the oven.
easy peasy.

Now you may be wondering what’s up with that random blob of Nutella on them cookies.
Well, cos the recipe was so simple, I decided to bump it up a notch.
After rolling the cookies into balls, place them on a baking sheet and press your finger (any one, you chose. But remember, if you want more Nutella, use your thumb. *wink wink*) into the ball, creating a little hole/dent.
Spoon/drop generous amounts of Nutella into them dents. Fill it up and bake for 10 mins. Don’t worry about the Nutella leaking out or dripping, cos it won’t. Nutella has a super-natural ability to not melt and drip in the oven.
Before I threw the cookies into the oven, I realized that I still had some batter left over.
I cleverly used the remaining dough to cover up the Nutella of some of the cookies.
It’s cool and fun, cos whoever’s eating it for the first time won’t expect to bite into a cookie and have Nutella oozing out of it. Yes, if you are generous, the Nutella will, I repeat, will ooze out. Eat it warm cos it makes the experience sooooo much better!
Don’t they look innocent and totally incapable of oozing Nutella?
See the Nutella? As I said, it doesn’t drip or leak. :) Genius invention, totally!
Oh and the taste? The closest you’ll get to Nutella heaven. The cookie itself tatses of Nutella, add the fact that there’s pure Nutella inside… Need I say more?
Alrighty! Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did.
~Natasha, the self-proclaimed Nutella addict Fanatic




    when i first clicked onto the post i was like Sigh, Another One Of Those Super Long, Super Complicated Recipes That Are Incredibly Hard To Follow Let Alone Bake. but then i carried on reading and was super surprised! THREE ingredients?? REALLY??

    also, the photos themselves are gorgeous and just ughhh the quality! (:

    1. YES! THREEEEEEE INGREDIENTS! that simple, easy peasy! You shd totally try it out. Thanks so much for commenting! You made me smile and clap like a mad seal; you totally made my day! Thanks so much! <3

      Oh, Im a horrible photographer. Thankfully, most of my photos turn out okay. I'm not a pro but I try my best!


  2. O M G These look so fabulous yummy!!! :) I will 100% be making these :) I LOVE nutella. Im new to this blog thing and don't really know what im doing lol :') do check my blog out... how do i follow you? (sorry like i said im new hehe) xox

    1. Heylo! (luv your "name", btw. So mysterious...)

      Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I'll be more than happy to "show you 'round" my blog! There are two ways to follow a blog. 1. You can just click the 'Join This Site' button that I hv on the top of the left panel of my blog page. 2. You can just copy and paste my blog address ( directly into your Blogger Dashboard.
      Hope this helped!


  3. OMG that looks soooo goood!! I am definitely making these this weekend! And wow it's so easy too!! Thank you so much Natasha for the recipe! :D

    1. Thanks for the comment! I forgot to mention that you've gotta bake the cookies for 10 mins at 180 degrees Celsius. The cookies will come out moist and yummy! <3


  4. I am SO hungry now!!! :0 I think I will go eat something, lovely post I loved it, nice work! :D Grace xxx ♥

    1. Haha.:) thanks for commenting.



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