Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Scinemation Competition!

Hi Hi!

This post was actually written a while back... But I guess I forgot to post it... Sorry. >< Anyways, here it is...

I entered a Scinemation Competition!!! It’s a stop-motion animation competition… hahaha, that’s fun to say stop-motion animation competition, stop-motion animation competition, stop-motion animation competition, stop-motion animation competition, stop-motion animation competition… anyways… The topic for this year’s competition was “Ensuring a Connected World.” I was in a group with three other ah-mazing girlz. J Yay!!!

The competition was on Wednesday, but a day before that (Tuesday), we had a presentation day where we had to present our storyboard to a few judges and see if they approve of it and stuffz.

It went pretty good, the presentation, I mean. J I was slightly nervous… I mean, who wouldn’t be… ><

Wednesday was crazy and fun. We had four hours to complete our animation. It seems like a lot of time, but trust me, IT AIN’T! We actually didn’t realize that for the first three hours. The last hour was when reality finally sank in… It was frantic… the pressure came on and we freaked out. I drew, outlined, colored, cut, took pictures (for the animation, not for fun… duh ^^), positioned backgrounds, people, paper bits, and etc. It was tiring.

Everything actually went relatively smoothly until…. The Last 30 Minutes… Dum dum dum ><

We realized we were running out of time and we still had tons to do… The hardest part, though, was putting in the audio. The audio recording was too long we ran into some trouble trying to cut it to the correct length. Thankfully, we managed to complete and export the animation in time. I liked it and I hope the judges do too.

We didn’t manage to do everything we wanted to but hey, we did it. We made it over 30 secs but less than a minute. We made it link to the topic of the competition (Ensuring a Connected World). We made it with some of the audio successfully in the right place. Girlz, WE MADE IT!

We were bursting with excitement on the day of the award presentation. Sad to say, we didn’t win anything. But…We went and gave our best shot! We didn’t receive a prize, or a certificate, or whatever, but we gained experience – an exposure to what stop-motion animating was like. The most important thing was that I grew so much closer to my team members. I really had a fun time with them, all the preparing and planning, the thinking and the sketching, the laughing and the shouting… We had a great time overall, didn’t we, girls?

Well, this experience happened a while back, (half a year ago, I think, I forgot) but the excitement and craziness is still in my mind.

One day, we shall work together again… How do I know? Well, cos Imma genious. (This is actually an inside joke… *wink,wink*)


Natasha ~


  1. I love stop motions, but they are VERY hard to make. :$
    I want to see the one you made! hehe.


    1. ohmygoodnessyes. girl, you should totally show us the animation thing!!!!! :))
      rainbows and dreams

    2. @ Radiance - YESH, it was so difficult... ><

      @ Both lovely girls - Um... yeah, I would love to show it you girls, but, when we submitted our entry, they didn't allow us to get the video back... So, no animation... >< Sorrrreeeee! :P

  2. Oh my lanta that sounds crazy. But congrats on getting it done! Kinda mean that they don't give it back o.o

  3. That's awesome, you should show us your result in a blog post, Nat! :) It's always good to gain experience. And always nice to get closer to your friends... :)
    Well done for your participation!
    Tane ♥

    1. I would seriously love to, Tane, but I don't have the video we made... *sob sob* Sorry... ><

      Thanks for comment! <3



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