Saturday, 12 April 2014

Guest Post - By Eve Of Womanhood

Hi everyone! My name is Eve, and I created a blog called Eve of Womanhood. Natasha has kindly asked me to do a guest-post about my new design blog.  I of course accepted. J  I have designed Savouring Each Moment as well as some other lovely blogs.
If you want to check my design blog out then click here.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself before I start talking about my design blog.

I am a Christian, and I’m also homeschooled. I love blogging, designing, reading, drawing, and painting.


Why did I start a design blog?

Well for one thing I really enjoy doing it! I am also trying to get some practice so that maybe one day I could make it a career (graphic designing). So when you get a design by me, you’re not only getting a lovely design but you’re also giving me experience for what I want to do someday.

How much is a customized blog design?
It is absolutely free!!

What if you don’t like the blog design I gave you?

   Then I will do it again for you! The only thing you need to remember is that I will only redo your blog 5 times and then I will stop. So please be very specific on what you want. J

What can I do?

I can put GIFs in a header

I can make a slideshow header

I can make a customized background

I can make your blog snow

I can make your side-bar have a border around it

I can design a customized header

I can make you a customized favicon

I can put your page tabs on top your header
I can center your page tabs
I can center your header
I can center your post title and date
And more!

Here's some designs I've done!








If you would like a free blog design from me, then please go to Designs By Eve and go to the page tab that says design. Follow the instructions, read the rules, and then email me. J

Thank you Natasha for inviting me to post about my design blog!