Thursday, 29 May 2014

Short Little Random Post :: Strawberry Flavored KitKats

Hi Hi! :]

It’s me and I’m back with a random post…

Some stuff to mention before I go on:

1.      I LOVE chocolate! <3

2.      Strawberries are my favorite fruit.

3.      I’m rather into the Japanese language.


Just yesterday, a relative of mine sent this:

Yep yep! There’re Strawberry Flavored KitKats from Japan.

A combination of three of my fave stuff?!


I’ve seen and eaten the green tea ones but never in my life have I seen a strawberry flavored KitKat.

Yes, I'm aware that these lovely flavored KitKats have been in exsistence for a while now,

But in Singapore, there’re really hard to find.

Only a couple shops sell them…

Beside, I’ve only seen the green tea ones on the shelf.

I love their packaging :] It’s sweet and simple… <3

Oh, ichigo is Strawberry in Japanese.

See!? You can learn something from eating chocolate.

Okay, I’m done talking.

*stuffs KitKat into mouth*

Oishii!!! (Delicious in Japanese)



Monday, 26 May 2014

May... Crazy, Terrifying, Amazing!


Okay, so it’s the last week of May and I still can’t believe it.
Just yesterday, I asked my brother if we were in the month of May.

He looked at me and said, “It’s the last week of May…”

And I was like, “Really?! *realization hits* … oh yeah…”

May was a cray cray month for me…

So many new and terrifying things,

Some familiar and soothing things,

More petrifying experiences…

You catch my drift.

It’s been such a busy month, I barely am able to remember everything that has happened!

Well, let’s just start from the top…




May 3rd ~

For the first time in my life, I sat for the SAT exam…

Twas the SAT 1 Paper…

10 sections…

One essay section,

Three Maths sections,

Three Critical Reading/ Reading Comprehension Sections

And another Three Grammar Sections…

I spent


Of my life in that classroom…



May 5th ~

Took my first ever A(dvanced) P(lacement) Exam.

A Psychology Exam to be specific.

There were only 3 other peeps taking the test with me, so it wasn’t too intimidating.

Section1 – 100 MCQs

Section – 2 F(ree) R(esponse) Q(uestion)s [which are essay type things]

And just like that,

2 hours

Of my life were snatched from me…



May 9th ~

For the third time in my life,

I went ice skating!

*Balloons and streamers fly into the air*

I totally loved the experience.

Now that I’ve been on the ice a couple times,

I felt more confident and could actually [attempt to] do some tricks.

*Rummages around for pictures*


Waiting for the ice to be polished...

Me other bro :] He looks so tiny... ha!
May 11th~
Mama’s Day!
Here’s a pic of my gift!
May 13th ~
In Singapore, the 13th of May is Vesak Day…
No idea what that is?
Google it…
It was a public holiday here,
So a couple of families decided to get together at one of Singapore’s many parks
And had a kite making/flying session.
Wanna know something?
I have something against kites…
Wait, no, I think they have something against me…
No kite I make will ever fly…
So yeah…
Long story short, my kite didn’t fly…
And the McDonald’s at the park ran out of ice cream…
Who has ever heard of McDonald’s without ice cream?!
I went there twice and both times, they said they ran out and were in the process of making more…
Why is this world so cruel?! Why?!
May 17th~
Noel had an orchestra performance…
It was a casual, fund-raising performance.
I enjoyed it, tho the female vocal soloist was a tad bit to loud…
No nice pics, sorry!
May 22nd~
One of the worst days of my life…
The SAT score came out and I died…
Well, I did not fail, but I definitely did not achieve my dream score.
My aim was 2000 out of 2400.
(I must say, that’s a rather lofty goal for someone whose math is a disgrace)
I won’t say what I got, all I’ll say is that I didn’t make the mark.
Yes, I can always retake it, but still…
The heavy feeling of failing (to reach my goal) still hangs around my heart.
Oh wells, it’s life.
And that brings us to today, the May 26th.
Nothing much to look forward to this coming week,
But everyday always brings a surprise.
So, sit tight while He flips to the next page of your life.
Have a smashing good day,

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Project 16 - DIY Project #5 - Spray-Painted Trash Bin Thing...

Hey, It’s Me Again…

This time, it’s a DIY post.

I have to add a little disclaimer before I go on:

“I didn’t do much in this DIY, but I did kinda help and stuff… kinda ><”

Okay, now that we got that out of the way,

Let’s move on the actual post!


Recently, my mom has been stalking a person who posts pictures of her house on a blog.

In other words, my mom’s following a blog;

The author does lots of decorating and DIYs and home improvement projects and stuffs like that.

So my mom kinda got a wee bit influenced and decided that she wanted to try her hand at a DIY.

Well, try my Dad’s hand, that is…

So, we have this trash bin from IKEA (Yay, IKEA meatballs!).

It's been lying around forever doing nothing... not really...

Anyways, mom decided to do something home-improvement-ish and DIY-ish with it.

Here's the process (with pictures)!

This was what we started out with... Plain and boring
We (my dad, actually) printed out the stencil of the words we wanted and painstakingly cut them out...
It took like forever, but I helped, okay!
I cut out like three letters... and completely ruined one of them...
Gah... ><
Oh wells, back to the process...
After running out to the store to buy a can of silver spray paint, we taped on the stencil, laid out lotsa newspapers, and got to work.
Yep, zoom in and read some of the Singapore news. :]
After a couple minutes and three coats of silver paint, this was what it looked like:
Oh yeah, that's the can of paint we used, just so you know.
Here's the final product, all cleaned up and pretty.
I agree that it doesn't look very professional, but hey, who said it needed to be perfect?
So yep, there we go, the entire process with pictures.
Tho I didn't really plan and do everything (or anything for that matter),
I'm still gonna check this off my Project 16 list.
Any objections?
Okay, *checks the list*
That's all for now, see ya later.


Finally... FINALLY


Hello hello, World!

Good news, I’m back!

Yep, the totally cool and lovable, all and sundry blogger is back.

Did ya miss me? Cos I missed you.



Thanks so much for remembering me.

As a reward, this post is dedicated to you, dear friend.

It really warmed my heart when you said you missed my posts and random spiels of rubbish.

*tears* thanks, friend!

Check out her sweet blog!


Okay, so this post is probably gonna be a post where I explain and defend the reason for my absence.

Exams, peoples, exams.

Study study study

Review review review

Yep, you feel my pain, I know it.

My hiatus is finally over. Exams, reviews, and tears can finally be left behind.

All that’s left are just a bunch of bad memories…

Actually, no, it’s called experience.

If there’s anything I (really) learnt from the past month, it’s called “thinking positive.”

Yep, so, it helps with the studying and stress.

For those who’re gonna take more exams this year or in the next,

Take this with you:




I think we should move on to talk about more interesting things…

Like what I’ve been up to…

Other than studying, of course. :)

Um, thinking about it,

I’ll leave that to the next post.

See ya!

This is the author of this (horribly amazing) blog signing off,