Monday, 26 May 2014

May... Crazy, Terrifying, Amazing!


Okay, so it’s the last week of May and I still can’t believe it.
Just yesterday, I asked my brother if we were in the month of May.

He looked at me and said, “It’s the last week of May…”

And I was like, “Really?! *realization hits* … oh yeah…”

May was a cray cray month for me…

So many new and terrifying things,

Some familiar and soothing things,

More petrifying experiences…

You catch my drift.

It’s been such a busy month, I barely am able to remember everything that has happened!

Well, let’s just start from the top…




May 3rd ~

For the first time in my life, I sat for the SAT exam…

Twas the SAT 1 Paper…

10 sections…

One essay section,

Three Maths sections,

Three Critical Reading/ Reading Comprehension Sections

And another Three Grammar Sections…

I spent


Of my life in that classroom…



May 5th ~

Took my first ever A(dvanced) P(lacement) Exam.

A Psychology Exam to be specific.

There were only 3 other peeps taking the test with me, so it wasn’t too intimidating.

Section1 – 100 MCQs

Section – 2 F(ree) R(esponse) Q(uestion)s [which are essay type things]

And just like that,

2 hours

Of my life were snatched from me…



May 9th ~

For the third time in my life,

I went ice skating!

*Balloons and streamers fly into the air*

I totally loved the experience.

Now that I’ve been on the ice a couple times,

I felt more confident and could actually [attempt to] do some tricks.

*Rummages around for pictures*


Waiting for the ice to be polished...

Me other bro :] He looks so tiny... ha!
May 11th~
Mama’s Day!
Here’s a pic of my gift!
May 13th ~
In Singapore, the 13th of May is Vesak Day…
No idea what that is?
Google it…
It was a public holiday here,
So a couple of families decided to get together at one of Singapore’s many parks
And had a kite making/flying session.
Wanna know something?
I have something against kites…
Wait, no, I think they have something against me…
No kite I make will ever fly…
So yeah…
Long story short, my kite didn’t fly…
And the McDonald’s at the park ran out of ice cream…
Who has ever heard of McDonald’s without ice cream?!
I went there twice and both times, they said they ran out and were in the process of making more…
Why is this world so cruel?! Why?!
May 17th~
Noel had an orchestra performance…
It was a casual, fund-raising performance.
I enjoyed it, tho the female vocal soloist was a tad bit to loud…
No nice pics, sorry!
May 22nd~
One of the worst days of my life…
The SAT score came out and I died…
Well, I did not fail, but I definitely did not achieve my dream score.
My aim was 2000 out of 2400.
(I must say, that’s a rather lofty goal for someone whose math is a disgrace)
I won’t say what I got, all I’ll say is that I didn’t make the mark.
Yes, I can always retake it, but still…
The heavy feeling of failing (to reach my goal) still hangs around my heart.
Oh wells, it’s life.
And that brings us to today, the May 26th.
Nothing much to look forward to this coming week,
But everyday always brings a surprise.
So, sit tight while He flips to the next page of your life.
Have a smashing good day,


  1. awwh man. i thought that'll you post a pic of me iceskating ><
    it's okay. i completely forgive you with my whole heart<333

    1. Ooookaaayy...? There was a pic I wanted to post... BUT it had you in it. I didn't want any daggers thrown at me, so I decided not to post it... Besides, it was just the back of your hooded head... :P


  2. Nice to have you back! Hope you had fun with ice skating and everything else :)
    As for your SAT score? Don't worry, you can always retake it, and I know it feels awful that you didn't make the mark, but trust me..plenty of people don't on their first few times! Don't give up, study hard, and take the SAT's again, I'm sure you will pass! :)


    1. Aw thanks, MJ! This comment so totally made my day... *sniffles* You're so sweet!!! <3 :]


  3. Hi Natasha! Thanks for the comment on my blog!

    I enjoying reading this post about your terrifying and exciting month of May:))


  4. It looks like you had fun ice skating! It is fun (except for the part when you fall; well, when you're just free skating. The instructors, when they teach you to fall for ice skating lessons when you're younger, is fun, though). And SATs??? O-O I'm just going into my freshman year in August, but... *shudders* They're terrifying!

    xoxo Morning

    1. Ice skating was fun! Oh and yes, the SATs is such a terrifying thing... Oh wells, just do your best!


  5. Awesome post. I really would love to go ice skating someday...
    Tane ♥

    1. YES YES YES! You have to go ice skating; it's so much fun. It'll take a little getting used to, though. But once you get the hang of it, you can never skate enough... haha



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