Saturday, 10 May 2014

Project 16 - DIY Project #5 - Spray-Painted Trash Bin Thing...

Hey, It’s Me Again…

This time, it’s a DIY post.

I have to add a little disclaimer before I go on:

“I didn’t do much in this DIY, but I did kinda help and stuff… kinda ><”

Okay, now that we got that out of the way,

Let’s move on the actual post!


Recently, my mom has been stalking a person who posts pictures of her house on a blog.

In other words, my mom’s following a blog;

The author does lots of decorating and DIYs and home improvement projects and stuffs like that.

So my mom kinda got a wee bit influenced and decided that she wanted to try her hand at a DIY.

Well, try my Dad’s hand, that is…

So, we have this trash bin from IKEA (Yay, IKEA meatballs!).

It's been lying around forever doing nothing... not really...

Anyways, mom decided to do something home-improvement-ish and DIY-ish with it.

Here's the process (with pictures)!

This was what we started out with... Plain and boring
We (my dad, actually) printed out the stencil of the words we wanted and painstakingly cut them out...
It took like forever, but I helped, okay!
I cut out like three letters... and completely ruined one of them...
Gah... ><
Oh wells, back to the process...
After running out to the store to buy a can of silver spray paint, we taped on the stencil, laid out lotsa newspapers, and got to work.
Yep, zoom in and read some of the Singapore news. :]
After a couple minutes and three coats of silver paint, this was what it looked like:
Oh yeah, that's the can of paint we used, just so you know.
Here's the final product, all cleaned up and pretty.
I agree that it doesn't look very professional, but hey, who said it needed to be perfect?
So yep, there we go, the entire process with pictures.
Tho I didn't really plan and do everything (or anything for that matter),
I'm still gonna check this off my Project 16 list.
Any objections?
Okay, *checks the list*
That's all for now, see ya later.



  1. Lol this post was funny to least you tried to help your mom out, and the ending result looks really nice. I love the phrase :)

    1. Haha. Glad you enjoyed reading it. Thanks! :)


  2. It seems fun and I agree with MJ, the finished product is nice :)

  3. Love it! I also LOVE what the bin says! Nice post! :)
    Grace xxx ♥

  4. the finished product looks great - well done for making it all yourself!! wait...

    your family seems very arty and creative and the bin really does look pretty cool (:

    amy // The Blog Hermit

  5. Cool DIY! You have a great blog! :)
    Check out me blog @

    1. Aw thanks! Cool, I'll check your blog out! Thanks for commenting. :)


  6. It looks very nice and has a lot of meaning to it too! I love it Natasha <3
    Claire :)

  7. It looks so much better than before. Lovely DIY :-) Hope you have a nice day x

  8. I love it! :)


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