Monday, 16 June 2014

Project 16 - Scrapbook Card #3 (Daddy's Day)

I’m Back! :)

Okay, so I’ve been gone for a little more than a week, but now, I'm back…
With another Project 16 accomplishment.
I managed to do a simple little scrapbook-ish card for my dad for
I made the card out of a brown paper bag.
Yep, just a regular brown paper bag.
I’m really happy with how it turned out.
Here’s a pic:

Honestly, I didn’t expect it to look so cute.
Okay, without further ado,
Let me show you what I did.
Here’s what you need:
~ A regular brown paper bag
~ A white pen (preferably an ink pen)
~ Pieces of different brightly colored paper (I used thirteen colors)
~ Pencil & Eraser
~ Penknife
~ Scissors
~ Glue (the stick one works best cos it’s not too wet)
And I think that’s all!
Here’s how to do it:

1.      A paper bag has four sides (duh), cut the back side so that it only attached to the rest of the bag by the bottom of the bag. (When you spread it out, it should look like a long strip of paper with the sides of the bag only attached to the front of the bag. I'm sorry if it’s hard to understand ><)

2.      Measure where you want your words to be. Draw out your letters on the front of the bag and cut it out with the penknife. (I didn’t have a stencil so I had to do this by hand. If you have a stencil that’s the right size, then good on you. Use it and be happy.)

3.      *this is an additional step* For some variance, I decided to write out “father’s” instead of doing the same thing. So if you’re thinking of doing the same thing, now’s a good time to do it.

4.      Arrange the colored paper in the pattern you so desire. Position them behind the words and adjust them. Once you’re happy, glue the paper bits together and then glue the entire thing to the back of the front of the bag.

5.      Trim off any edges that stick out to much. Glue the sides of the bag together to hide the paper things.

Mine looks like that when you peek between the sides and the front of the paper bag:

And that’s all for the front of the card.
For the card itself, as in the place where you write, just write on the inside of the back flap and fold it in half when you're done.
As I said before, I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.
And I hope yours turns out just as cool.
Have fun scrapbooking!
Oh, this is late but,
Wish a
Happy Father’s Day
to all your dads for me!
p.s. – I love my dad a lot.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Warm Hugs Tag

Why, hello there…

Okay, so I’m back with another tag post… This time, I’ve been tagged by the lovely Rachel from You and I. Please do check out her blog, she posts her (absolutely fabulous and amazing) writings and other little random stuffs.
The tag is called the Warm Hugs Tag. And I look forward to answering the questions set for me… :]

Picture from Sarah & Ellie
Thumbs up if you love Olaf. He’s so funny and random and snowman-ish… :]


Here are the rules:

1. Follow the blog(s) that tagged you (optional). 
2. Post 2 or more pictures that include your favorite character, books, movies, or lyrics from songs (they can also be your own edits or pictures). 
3. Tag 5 or more bloggers and tell them. 
4. Answer the bloggers 10 questions related to characters, books, etc. 
5. Create your own questions having to do with the same thing. 

Here we go: 

Image from Google ~
Who doesn’t love Puss (in boots)?!?!?!? He is absolutely adorable and stunning and just so… ugh… *headdesk*

Image also from Google ~

No idea why she popped into my mind but she did. Maybe it’s cos I really like tomboy-ish girls and Merida definitely is one. So I guess, yes, I do like her… :] Not my favourite, but yeah… probably the only female character I can kinda sorta relate to… Sorta…
Here are Rachel’s Questions:

1.      What's your favorite Disney quote? 

Currently, I don’t have a favourite quote…

 2.      Which do you like better, Brave or A Little Mermaid?

Brave, definitely. The only thing I like about the Little Mermaid are the songs… haha. As mentioned above, Merida is more like me – bolder, feistier, louder. Yep. :]

3.      What fictional character that you would like/love to meet?

*Assuming that this question is not only limited to Disney/Pixar characters*

I would dearly love to meet the Doctor from Doctor Who (preferably the tenth doctor). Cos it’s so cool to time-travel and meet all sorts of crazy cool creatures and stuff (if they even exist… ><).

4.      Out of all Disney/Disney Pixar movies, which is your all-time favorite?

After thinking long and hard, I’m going with Ratatouille. I think the storyline is pretty cool and Linguini is just so awkward it’s funny.

5.      Would you prefer to spend a day with Dory, or Olaf?

Hm… Probably Olaf, cos he’s so funny and random. Plus I get to, finally, after sixteen years of my life, see some real snow…

6.      Have you ever been to Disney World/Land? If so, how many times?

Nope, never ever… Yep, my childhood is ruined…(hah…)

7.      If you had a chance to be in The Battle of the Five Armies (the 3rd Hobbit movie), would you accept and have a pretty good part that you can see you when you watch it, or would you rather be in Mockingjay and have a role with no talking, and barely can be seen while watching the movie?

I’d rather be in the Hobbit movie. Cos I’m gonna get a cool part in the movie and become rich and famous…

8.      Which fictional character that has magical powers do you like best?

Elsa. She’s probably one of the most powerful female characters I know of. Why?
She can create life (Olaf and Marshmellow)
She can create and design amazing clothes
She can build and design buildings that would take people decades to just do the foundation
She can make it snow whenever and wherever she wants (she can actually control the weather, like the wind and snow and hail and clouds…)
She can freeze stuff
*And tons of other cool(pun intended) stuff a person with Elsa’s icy powers can do*

 My Questions:

1.      Who do you think is the most epic (define epic) fictional character you’ve ever seen?
2.      What was the Disney/ Pixar movie you watch the most times? How many times did you watch it?
3.      If there was to be a sequel/prequel to any Disney/Pixar movie of your choice, what would it be?
4.      What is one of the most ridiculous movies you’ve ever watched? (As in a movie that, after you’ve watched it, made you feel like you’ve wasted over an hour of your life.)
5.      Who is your favorite Disney princess and why?
6.      Favorite Disney song?
7.      If you could change the ending of any movie, what would it be and what would you change it to?
8.      For which movie do you wish you could be part of the cast?
9.      Which fictional character has the best costume?
10.  Would you rather be a mermaid or a fairy?

I tag:

That’s all I’ve got.
Thanks for sticking around and see you next time!!!

The Sunflower Blogger Award

Hey There!

Guess what?

Yep, that's what...

I’ve been nominated by the lovely Miss Asha! She posts cute DIYs and other sweet stuffs on her blog. Do check it out. :]

Let’s get started!

Here are the rules:

1) Share 11 facts about yourself.

2) Answer the questions asked by your nominated blogger.

3) Nominate your bloggers 

4) Set 7 questions for your nominated bloggers.

11 facts about Me:

1.      I LOVE cats

2.      Chocolate is amazing

3.      My favourite color is purple

4.      I like to draw/doodle

5.      I feel that I’m noisy/loud/crazy/random person

6.      I suffer (yes, I mean SUFFER) from atopic dermatitis (eczema) ><

7.      I enjoy crafting

8.      I play the piano

9.      I play the cello

10.  I play the ukulele

11.  I wanna learn to play the flute

Miss Asha asked:

1.      What is the first thing you ever remember from when you were a baby?

When I was really young (around 3-4 years old, maybe?), I remember being on my way to pre-school with my parents and my mom was reading me a book. It was Hansel and Gretel, I’m sure. I fell asleep halfway through and when I woke up, I got upset cos I thought my mum did not finish reading the book. She claimed she did, but I still think she didn’t… And I’m 16 now… Ah wellz…

2.      If you could have a super power, what would it be?

I would absolutely love the ability to control time; to quicken it, to slow it down, to freeze it, all the while being able to choose to either stay the current age or get younger or grow older.

*You have no idea what I will do to this world*

**Trust me, ya dun wanna know…**

3.      What do you want to be when you are older?

I would dearly love to be a counsellor… I’m really interested in psychology and I like helping people, so I figured that being a counsellor would be a great professional vocation for me.

On the other hand, I also want to become an Emergency Paramedic. I’m not really grossed out by blood and stuff. I quite enjoy biology and a little teeny bit of medicine. I revel in the intense periods of stress and pressure, in other words, the adrenaline rush. Once again, I like helping people. :] so I thought this would be a cool job to have.

*Dad raises eyebrows and shakes head*

4.      What is your favourite food? 

I love… Um… honestly, I don’t really like food that much. I eat strictly for survival purposes only and nothing more. Sometimes, I get so annoyed with eating that I fast for an entire day. Or at least attempt to, cos mom always makes sure that my plate is licked clean before I leave the dinner table. I’m not anorexic or anything… (lol) I just find that eating is a chore…

But, if I must give an answer… Chocolate. I love chocolate; love it enough to eat it without getting annoyed… haha
5.      Do you prefer to cook or order take-away? 

I enjoy cooking and baking. A LOT. But it’s the washing up that bugs me… So with that in mind, I’d rather order a take-away… but, I’m also aware that take-aways are not the healthiest choice, so from that point of view, I’d cook my own food…

Okay, in summary, it just depends on how I feel that day…

6.      Thoughts on Ariana Grande? 

No idea who she is…

7. What is one of your favourite phrases? 

Um, I can't think of one right now... But I can tell you that my current favourite word is...


No idea why, but I just keep saying it...

I nominate:

Questions I have:

1.      What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?(lame, I know… ><)

2.      What’s your favorite kind/brand of chocolate?

3.      If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

4.      What’s your favorite sport?

5.      What was something you believed to be real (when it actually wasn’t) when you were younger?(sorry… I just can’t phrase it right :[)

6.      What was the weirdest food you’ve eaten?
7. What is one thing you wanna do but know you can never (or most probably not be able to)accomplish?
Okay, that’s all…
Hope you guys enjoyed this post, see you next time!