Thursday, 30 October 2014

Project 16 - DIY Project #6 - Needle Felted Kitty Head

Hello hello

So, I did this a long time ago

And I forgot to blog about it.

Here is DIY Project [hashtag]6!

I needled felted a little kitty head.

How lovely!

Needle felting is pretty interesting and super cool.

Go ahead and Google it

Cos I have no idea how to explain the way it works.

I bought this is a shop that sells a whole buncha random household and not-so-household items.

In other words, DAISO.

If you don’t have a Daiso in your area,



Daiso is epic cos

[hashtag]1 – It has everything. From wooden poles to Japanese candies to glass bottles to wires to nail files to photo frames to drinks to phone cases to baskets to hair accessories to etc etc ETC.

[hashtag]2 – Everything is 2SGD… EVERYTHING

[hashtag]3 – The stuff they sell are of pretty good quality. :]

So, now that that’s outta the way…

I bought this the other day

[by the other day I mean four million years ago]

*Thumbs up for procrastination*

Isn’t the kitty cat on the front so ridiculously cute?!

Okay, so, after a couple hours of continuous jabbing,

[hopefully you’ve Googled “needle felting” by now, hehe]

This happened…

As well as four sore and “hole-y” fingers…

Yes, you do accidentally stab yourself in the finger[s] every time sometimes.

I know it looks nothing like the picture…


Well, that’s cos the eyes they provided were way a tad bit too tiny…

And, mind you, the size of eyes can drastically change the cuteness level of something.

Waddya think?

Overall, I had quite a good time

[because I was watching an epic show while doing this.

Yay for multitasking…]

I feel that the finished product looks close enough to a cat

So yeah.

If I could re-do, I would make the head a little smaller. :]

That’s it!

Have a great day!


Tuesday, 28 October 2014


How's it going?

Here are two pictures:

Normal sized pack of chips on the left...

Need I say anything else regarding this?

Haha, bye!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Um...Hi? yeah...


Wait wait wait wait wait

Hold up

Hang on

Before your smack me with that dictionary,

Please hear me out first.





K, fine. Slap me


So, hey guys,

I'm finally back

(After disappearing for a couple centuries.)

I can assure you that I’m still very much alive

Or at least I think I am.

School started

Oh, wait…

School has never stopped (for me)

Yay for the flexibility of the homeschooler’s schedule.

We have school when others school


School when others slack




Live so far has been pretty interesting.

I traveled a bit

Lazed around a bit

Died a lot bit



I really look forward to start blogging again

I mean, I seriously love blogging

But, man, the time that it takes…

*awkward silence*

Aha! Pictures

Pictures speak a thousand words so I should just slap a whole buncha ‘em here
[When I have the time]

Ok, peeps, I'm terribly sorry for disappearing
I'll try my very bestest not to go missing again.
Pinky promise.

That's it for now.

See ya!