Friday, 10 July 2015

Random Scribblings #3

Fuuny, another post out so soon. Well, I guess the summer break is doing wonders for the imagining and writing part of my brain. I have yet to proofread this little piece, so please kindly ignore any grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Once again, I present you yet another nameless piece...

Nervously, she waited outside the classroom. She could hear her teacher speaking over the noise of her rowdy soon-to-be classmates. Running ahand through her auburn hair, she took a deep breath and closed her grey eyes. When she opened them again, her homeroom teacher was standing in front of her, holding the door open and smiling an exasperated smile.

She searched his face, his smile and saw what she expected: a man approximately forty years of age who had once fooled himself into thinking teaching was a simple, yet fulfilling job. It probably was fulfilling at times but she was certain right now wasn’t one of those moments. Why else would anyone have to crack such a forced smile…?

She smiled back and stepped past him.

“Her name is…” the teacher’s voice trailed off as he flipped through the attendance list in his hands. “I can’t… where… Why don't you tell us your name, girl?” he finally asked, ignoring the sniggers that rippled through the room.

“My name is Ashlynn Suanne Summer. I’m pleased to meet all of you and I hope we will be able to get along for the rest of the school year.”

“Thank you. Please take a seat. Uhhh, the one beside Jonathan will-”

“Taken!” a fierce-looking boy with fiery red hair shouted and plonked his leg onto the empty chair.

Ashlynn started at his voice and made a mental note to steer clear of him.

“Ashlynn can sit here,” a clear, crisp voice said after a couple seconds of silence. Ashlynn looked up from the front of the room and saw that the voice belonged to a girl with dark hair and pale skin. Her large, friendly eyes twinkled behind a pair of thick, black-framed glasses. She smiled and pulled out the chair next to her. “Come Ashlynn, have a seat.”

“Yes, thank you, er, Leah or was it-”

“Sir, it’s Li-Ann.”

As Ashlynn walked towards the back of the classroom, she wondered if she was even going to make past the first week in this classroom, much less the entire rest of the school year.


  1. Love this! Especially love the way that the characters respond to each other

  2. this was great!
    (also, jonathan *thumbs-up* haha, love his character already) <3


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