Monday, 28 September 2015

The 777 Challenge // Random Scribblings #6

Hello world!!

The lovely elisabeth from A-flyleaf tagged me for this majorly interesting challenge. The super sweet and epic friend award goes to her. :)


Here are the rules:

  • share 7 lines from the 7th page of one of your manuscripts
  • tag 7 bloggers


So here’s what I have for the 777 challenge

We stood about ten feet from each other. The sky rumbled and in the distance, the rain had already begun to fall. The wind whipped pieces of my hair out of my braid and around my face. My nose and fingers were numb with cold. I inched towards her.

“I’ll jump. Take one step closer and I’ll jump.” She spoke over her shoulder, her voice sharp and cold as stone.

I panicked. How did it get down to this? What went wrong? When? Where? Why? A million thoughts and questions buzzed in my mind. The sky rumbled again as rain began to patter all around us.

I tag the following bloggers:
Nicole Rose :: Self Known

Rachelle :: Beloved Bluebird

Anna :: Hero

Anna Sophia:: Rubberboot Girl

If you have already done this challenge (or you’ve been tagged before), feel free to ignore this tag. :)

If that’s not the case, let me know when your 777 Challenge post is up cos I would love to read it. <3 But of course, no pressure to do it.

Stay lovely, lovelies.


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