Wednesday, 30 December 2015

I Have Three Friends :: Part 1

I have three friends.

They’re pretty interesting, to me, at least…

There’s Hope. She’s much like her name - always dreaming and unafraid. Her eyes are always facing forward; she never looks back. She’s optimistic, fun, and somewhat of a risk-taker; “you never know unless you try,” that’s her motto. I mean, I don’t mind when she finds someplace cool or something new and wants to try it out but she doesn’t have to drag me along every single time, does she? And, it gets tiring. Like seriously tiring. For example, after finding out that they’re setting up a carnival fair thing in town, she immediately rings me and informs me we’re going tomorrow. We leave nice and early [too early, half of the booths weren’t even open yet] and stay there till evening. Then she wants to check out the fancy Chinese restaurant that just opened up a few days ago. Along the way, she sees a billboard that proudly proclaims a new “hot and trendy” store is opening up in a month and casually asks me, “when are you free next month? Like the first week of next month…” When we [finally] get to the Chinese restaurant, she orders literally everything on the menu. I ask her “why” while she frantically waves for the waiter’s attention for the seventh time. She says the same thing she always says, “Cos you don’t know if it’s good if you don’t try it.” She ordered three fish dishes and she doesn’t even like fish… On our way back in the subway, she links her arm with mine and says, “You know, you’re a good friend. You’re always there for me and stuff. I want to thank you, like seriously. How about we go on a road trip this weekend or the next if you like? Just the two of us. It’ll be amazing and we’ll get to try lotsa cool new stuff. Like we can go hiking maybe? Oh wait, what about jet skiing? Can we stop by the beach? I want to swim in the sea…”

She has three planners for one year. And she has many plans: plan A and if plan A doesn’t work, there’s plan B. And if that doesn’t work, plan C. Her life is so crazy and spontaneous. I wonder if she ever is quiet and pensive… There’s always this light, this burning fire behind her eyes. She doesn’t walk;  she leaps, she skips, she twirls, she dances. I can’t explain it but whenever you’re around her, you feel the air alive with excitement. You wonder how every breath buzzes in your lungs, how her electric smile sparks your own, how her random chatter loosens your stiff front and how you both end up laughing, singing, and falling into a messy pile on the ground.

I actually envy her, just a little. She’s crazy, but not overboard. Her plans, wild and unrestrained as they sound, are thought out and doable. It’s like she knows just how far out she can go without falling over the edge. Adults look at her and mumble, “someday, she’s gonna go too far and lose herself.”

But no, I think not. She knows exactly who she is and what she wants. She doesn’t mind a few extra 360 degree loops and hairpin turns along the way and she isn’t afraid to throw her arms up and have fun in front of others. To have controlled and organized, yet crazy and wild fun.